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    Friday, June 18, 2010
    7 a.m.          Depart Lock 7 wall tie-up/Oswego, NY
    1:30 p.m.       Arrive Confederation Basin/Kington, Ontario
    Distance travelled:  58 miles
    Weather:  L=55, H=73; sunny with very little wind

    Tellico Lady, Watauga, Seabourne, and Elan locked through at 7 a.m. and headed out into Lake Ontario.  Once out into the lake it is like being on the ocean as there is no land in sight.  The first half of our journey was a bit bouncy and bumpy - had to hang on when you walked around - but not uncomfortable or dangerous.  The last half of the trip was much smoother and a very good journey.  As we approached Wolfe Island we could see the many windmills on the island - a very impressive sight!  Seabourne and Elan travelled on to Cape Vincent, NY while Tellico Lady and Watauga went on to Kingston.  Gail (Brenda's sister) came to visit us and then later on Richard (brother-in-law) and Cody (nephew) and his wife Kristal came to visit.

    As you head out into Lake Ontario, you quickly realize this is as large as some seas.  This  lake demands respect.

    Now the harbor at Kingston Ontaio is in sight.  Well protected by overlapping breakwater walls.

    One example of some fine old architecture in the city of Kingston Ontario.

    Here is our niece Billie-Joe with two of her three daughters.  On the left is Abby, and on the right is Lacy.

    Saturday, June 19, 2010
    Confederation Basin Marina/Kingston, Ontario
    Weather: L=67, H=72; sunny, some sporadic rain but mostly sunny

    Confederation Basin Marina is located in downtown Kingston which is a wonderful city to explore and enjoy with its many attractions.  Nancie and Brenda went on their 1-hour walk and stopped at the farmers' market enroute.  During our walk we saw many places that we plan to revisit.  In the afternoon our niece, Billie-Jo and her girls Robyn, Abby, and Lacy, came to the boat to visit with us.  Billie-Jo will be getting married on the boat on June 26 and she had not seen it before.  Brenda's sister Mary and her husband Richard came to visit later in the day and took us to Red Lobster where we met Cody & Kristl for dinner.  When we got back to the boat we took a walk around the downtown Kingston area and then called it a day.

    Sunday, June 20 to Friday, June 25, 2010
    Confederation Basin Marina/Kingston, Ontario

    During this time we have done several things.  We had a barbeque with family at Gail's (Brenda's sister),  barbeque at Cody's and Kristal's (nephew and niece), and dinner at Mary and Richard's (Brenda's sister and husband).  We have walked about town and ate at restaurants including Amadeus and Chez Piggy.  During this time we have seen several loopers coming and going.  Mas Bueno arrived on Wednesday so now our Tennessee flotilla is together again.

    On Wednesday we were working on our boat when we felt it moving, in much the same manner it does when the engines are started.  We found out later that it was an earthquake!  It was a 5.0 earthquake with its epicenter approximately 60 miles north of here.  Later in the day we had tornado warnings which thankfully did not happen but we did have strong winds and a storm.  A tornado did touch down in Midland, Ontario which is on our Trent-Severn route.

    Approximately 1 year ago we suggested to our niece, Billie-Jo, that she consider getting married on our boat when we passed through Kingston on the loop.  Well, that idea soon became a plan and now we are very close to the chosen date of June 26.  The dock is buzzing about the upcoming wedding on Sunday and we are all hoping for a sunny day as the plan is for the wedding to take place on top of the boat.  On Friday night the wedding party came to the boat for their rehearsal.

    Saturday, June 26, 2010
    Confederation Basin Marina/Kingston, Ontario
    Weather: rain and more rain

    Our hopes for sunny weather for the wedding were dashed as it rained all day long with strong wind at times.  However, the weather did not dampen the spirits of the wedding party or attendees. Approximately 30 people including the wedding party managed to squeeze inside the boat.  It was a beautiful wedding with a beautiful bride.  The ceremony was absolutely lovely.  The bride chose black and white as her colour theme and this made for a stunning bridal party. A reception followed at a hall in Verona and we all made our way there to continue the wedding celebration.

    Rain or shine, we boaters get the job done!  The wedding was a great success despite the lousy rainy weather.

    At the reception, all memory of the weather faded away as everyone had a good time with a great meal and good music.

    Even little Lacy had a great time, and to everyones surprise, she loved her pretty dress.  Guess the clothes focus is genetic.

    Sunday, June 27, 2010
    Confederation Basin Marina/Kingston, Ontario
    Weather: L=61, H=75; sunny and then overcast later in the day

    Billie-Jo and Mike (the bride and groom) stopped at the boat today and we enjoyed discussing the wedding and viewing CDs of the wedding.  Bill (on Watauga) had taken photos of the guests and bridal party as they arrived and then of the ceremony.  He made us CDs of this and they were waiting for us at the boat when we returned from the reception.

    As a group, Tellico Lady, Watauga, and Mas Bueno, have decided to stay at this marina for one more day due to an unfavorable weather forecast so we will now depart for Picton on Tuesday, June 29.  More loopers arrived today and we enjoyed happy hour with many of them on Mas Bueno.

    Monday, June 28, 2010
    Confederation Basin/Kingston, Ontario
    Weather: L=67, H=75; windy, rain for about 1 hour in the afternoon

    We decided to stay another day because of the winds.  Gail (Brenda's sister) and Richard  (husband of Brenda's sister, Mary) came to the boat tonight as they plan to travel with us as far as the Lindsay area.

    Well, our Lake Ontario portion of the trip seems short but sweet now as we travel up the Trent Severn Waterway.  Our trip up this lovely waterway will be detailed below on an as possible basis.  We do not have financially reasonable ways of access to the internet other than when we are at a marina with wifi access.  This may not be that often as we intend to do a fair amount of anchoring.  We will update as often as possible, but it may not be daily.  However, as we achieve each new stop, marina, anchorage or otherwise, we will activte our SPOT satellite tracking system, so our "Our Route" page (button at left) will still show you where we are if you go to that page and click on the "Locator Link" button.

    Tuesday, June 29, 2010
    7:20 a.m.       Depart Confederation Basin/Kingston, Ontario
    11:55 a.m.      Arrive achorage Hallowell Mills Cove/Picton, Ontario
    Distance travelled:  37 miles
    Weather: L=62, H=66; windy

    The first hour or so of travel from Kingston through the lower gap was lumpy but as we got more into the protected waters of the Bay of Quinte, it made for smoother travel.  

    In the beginning of the day, things looked a little ominous, but all was well and the forecast was very accurate.

    Our anchorage was very protected and quiet. There were a total of 5 boats at anchor here and 4 of them were from Tennessee.  As the night progressed, the winds calmed down.

    Our anchorage calmed down and was really simply lovely.  A peaceful night was had by all.

    Wednesday, June 30, 2010
    7 a.m.          Depart anchorage Hallowell Mills Cove/Picton, Ontario
    12 noon Arrive Fraser Park Marina/Trenton, Ontario
    Distance travelled: 40 miles
    Weather: L=48, H=65; windy with gusts to 22 mph

    Once we left our protected anchorage we again experienced wind with some bumpy but not uncomfortable water.  Crossing Big Bay to Belleville was bumpy with 2-1/2 to 3-foot waves but they were on our bow so it was okay.  After arriving at Fraser Park Marina other loopers arrived including Pete & Jane (Somerset), Liz & Tony (Two Turtles), Jerry & Carolyn (Sassy),  and Mitch & Carol (Serendipity).  We walked around downtown Trenton which brought back memories of the time we had lived there.The marina and its managers, Sandy and Craig Carter, are very professional and make all boaters feel very welcome.  They run an excellent facility.  A friend from Ken's airforce days, John Surmachynski from Toronto, drove down to Trenton to visit us and had dinner on board with us.  He brought a bottle of his award winning Cabernet Franc to share with us and now we know why it was an award winning wine.

    Trenton Fraser Park Marina  is small, but very friendly and the managers are super accomodating fine folks.

    Thursday, July 1, 2010
    Fraser Park Marina/Trenton, Ontario
    Weather: L=58, H=73; windy but sunny

    Since today is Canada Day there are many ongoing activities at Centennial Park just across the river from our marina.  We walked over to check out all the festivities around the park.  It was wonderful to see all the red and white colours which are Canada's colours and to see the many people enjoying and participating in the activities.  Gail and Brenda then walked a little further so that Brenda could revisit College Street Public School where she began her teaching career many years ago.  It brought back many pleasant memories.  In the evening the marina managers, Sandy and Craig, sponsored a hotdog/hamburger barbecue for all the boaters.  Everyone brought a dish to share.  We had a feast!  

    This shot was taken during the Marina Hamburger Cookout and Potluck.

    At dusk we witnessed the lighting of the new sign on the bridge "Welcome to the Trent Severn Waterway".  When it was dark we all gathered to watch the wonderful fireworks display, thanks to the town of Trenton.  Fraser Park Marina is not to be missed by loopers as Sandy and Craig Carter go all the way to accomodate and welcome boaters.

    This was the inaugural lighting of the new Trent Canal sign.

    The fireworks display was really well done and quite extensive.  The water view gave a double pleasure with the reflections.



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