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    Thursday, September 9, 2010
    7:50 a.m.       Depart anchorage Little Diversion Channel/Cape Girardeau, MO
    3:30 p.m.       Arrive anchorage mile 944/Metropolis, IL
    Distance travelled:  86 miles
    Weather:  L=67, H=72; started raining around noon (effects of Hermine)

    After 48 miles of travel, we finally completed the Mississippi River and entered the Ohio River at Cairo, IL.  Once again, the Mississippi River gave us a good current with up to 14.7 mph at one time.  We also got swirled around by turbulence in a few areas.  Some of the turbulence was from the river itself and some was created by the wakes of large barges, especially those heading north on the Mississippi and against the current.  While travelling on the Ohio River the state of Illinois was on our port and Kentucky was on the starboard side.  We had planned to travel further today but there was a backlog of tow/barge traffic at the last lock #52 on the Ohio River and we would have been delayed long enough that we would end up travelling in the dark so we all agreed to anchor at Metropolis. Three other non-looper boats also arrived at this anchorage.

     Friday, September 10, 2010
    12:30 p.m.      Depart anchorage at M944/Metropolis, IL
    7:30 p.m.       Arrive Kentucky Dam Marina/Gilbertsville, KY
    Distance travelled:  34 miles
    Weather:  L=63, H=73; rained all night and most of today

    We were all up early eager to depart at 6:30 a.m. to get through lock #52 but Mother Nature decided otherwise.  It was raining and a bit misty so we decided to wait  until 7:30.  The weather was even worse by then with heavy rain and fog which reduced visibility considerably.  Finally around 12:30 the rain subsided somewhat and visibility was better so we all decided to depart.  After about a 30-minute wait we all got through the lock.  About 5 miles later we had to make a decision - should we travel the Cumberland River route which would be about 30 minutes longer or take the Tennessee River route and hope that we would not be delayed at the Kentucky Lake lock.  Everyone shuns the Kentucky lock as there is so much commercial traffic through there that the delays can be hours.  There is also a lock going via the Cumberland but there is less commercial traffic.  Here & Now and Tellico Lady decided to take a chance on the Tennessee route.  As we got closer to that turn off, Barb (Hallelujah) called the lockmaster who told her that he would get us through by 7 p.m. so Hallelujah also decided to go the Tennessee River route.  The other 3 boats had already gone that way so by the time we got to the lock there were 6 pleasure craft waiting to get locked up.  There was a tow with 15 barges in the lock when we arrived and 2 more waiting their turn.  The lockmaster asked them if they would consider letting the pleasure craft go through first.  Thankfully they agreed and we finally got through the lock at 7 p.m.  We then had about 2 miles to go to our marina.  We got there and tied up just as it was getting dark.  Here & Now travelled on to Green Turtle Marina where they had a reservation. This was one of those days where everything worked out in the end.

    This unique homemade paddlewheeler came in to "anchor" as well.  Later we had a chance to tour it.  It is ingenious. Totally built of scrap, it is truly functional.  Note the big hydraulic cylinder that turns a crank on the end of the paddlewheel shaft.  Aftern nosing into shore, he has an automated spud-pole in the front that he chunks down into the bottom of the river, and then is there to stay.

    He then invites the rest of his travel companions to raft up on him.  Note the one already rafted.  This is his nephew in his home-made boat.  Guess this is a genetic trait.  These guys could win Junckyard Wars any day!

    What a great feeling to see the start of the Tennessee River!  It is just to the right of the tip of our beaten up burgee.  We targeted the Kentucky Lock and Dam about 22 miles up that river.

    This is it for the Ohio River portion.  From here on, the final postings will be on the TN River page.  
    See you there!



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