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This is where you can follow us on the trip.   Each of the links below will open to that portion of the trip. Needless to say, if we have not gotten that far, you will find nothing.   



 There is lots of planning work to do prior to this adventure!

 This river is really a series of beautiful lakes.

 The Tenn-Tom is quite a challenge!

 The PanHandle intra-coastal  is a unique waterway.

 The Gulf crossing is a 170 mile overnight challenge.

 The FL west coast is more intra-coastal with lots of population.

 The east coast AICW is a great way to visit coastal cities.

 The Hudson river is very scenic.

 Lake Ontario is an inland ocean challenge!

 The Trent Canal is a trip back in time to a golden age.

 Georgian Bay/Lake Huron is pristine, beautiful and very remote.

 Lake Michigan portion is beautiful with some real challenges.

 The Illinois river runs through downtown Chicago skyscrapers!

 The Mississippi river is awsome in terms of its strength.

 The Ohio river portion is short, but has enormous locks.

 The trip back home seems to come too fast!



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